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[submodule "external/nlohmann"]
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3 years ago
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Replace libuv with uvw & related refactoring - removes all the llarp_ev_* functions, replacing with methods/classes/functions in the llarp namespace. - banish ev/ev.h to the void - Passes various things by const lvalue ref, especially shared_ptr's that don't need to be copied (to avoid an atomic refcount increment/decrement). - Add a llarp::UDPHandle abstract class for UDP handling - Removes the UDP tick handler; code that needs tick can just do a separate handler on the event loop outside the UDP socket. - Adds an "OwnedBuffer" which owns its own memory but is implicitly convertible to a llarp_buffer_t. This is mostly needed to take over ownership of buffers from uvw without copying them as, currently, uvw does its own allocation (pending some open upstream issues/PRs). - Logic: - add `make_caller`/`call_forever`/`call_every` utility functions to abstract Call wrapping and dependent timed tasks. - Add inLogicThread() so that code can tell its inside the logic thread (typically for debugging assertions). - get rid of janky integer returns and dealing with cancellations on call_later: the other methods added here and the event loop code remove the need for them. - Event loop: - redo everything with uvw instead of libuv - rename EventLoopWakeup::Wakeup to EventLoopWakeup::Trigger to better reflect what it does. - add EventLoopRepeater for repeated events, and replace the code that reschedules itself every time it is called with a repeater. - Split up `EventLoop::run()` into a non-virtual base method and abstract `run_loop()` methods; the base method does a couple extra setup/teardown things that don't need to be in the derived class. - udp_listen is replaced with ev->udp(...) which returns a new UDPHandle object rather that needing gross C-style-but-not-actually-C-compatible structs. - Remove unused register_poll_fd_(un)readable - Use shared_ptr for EventLoopWakeup rather than returning a raw pointer; uvw lets us not have to worry about having the event loop class maintain ownership of it. - Add factory EventLoop::create() function to create a default (uvw-based) event loop (previously this was one of the llarp_ev_blahblah unnamespaced functions). - ev_libuv: this is mostly rewritten; all of the glue code/structs, in particular, are gone as they are no longer needed with uvw. - DNS: - Rename DnsHandler to DnsInterceptor to better describe what it does (this is the code that intercepts all DNS to the tun IP range for Android). - endpoint: - remove unused "isolated network" code - remove distinct (but actually always the same) variables for router/endpoint logic objects - llarp_buffer_t - make constructors type-safe against being called with points to non-size-1 values - tun packet reading: - read all available packets off the device/file descriptor; previously we were reading one packet at a time then returning to the event loop to poll again. - ReadNextPacket() now returns a 0-size packet if the read would block (so that we can implement the previous point). - ReadNextPacket() now throws on I/O error - Miscellaneous code cleanups/simplifications
2 years ago
[submodule "external/uvw"]
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[submodule "external/cpr"]
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[submodule "external/ngtcp2"]
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branch = v0.1.0
[submodule "external/oxen-encoding"]
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