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Jeff Becker c4dad12f2e
libunbound patch no longer needed as fixes have been upstreamed 2 years ago
Jeff 49b9ad7197
tun code refactor (#1495)
* partial tun code refactor

* take out the trash

* move vpn platform code into llarp/vpn/platform.cpp

* fix hive build

* fix win32

* fix memory leak on win32

* reduce cpu use

* make macos compile

* win32 patches:

* use wepoll for zmq
* use all cores on windows iocp read loop

* fix zmq patch for windows

* clean up cmake for win32

* add uninstall before reinstall option to win32 installer

* more ipv6 stuff

* make it compile

* fix up route poker

* remove an unneeded code block in macos wtf

* always use call to system

* fix route poker behavior on macos

* disable ipv6 on windows for now

* cpu perf improvement:

* colease calls to Router::PumpLL to 1 per event loop wakeup

* set up THEN add addresses

* emulate proactor event loop on win32

* remove excessively verbose error message

* fix issue #1499

* exclude uv_poll from win32 so that it can start up

* update logtag to include directory

* create minidump on windows if there was a crash

* make windows happy

* use dmp suffix on minidump files

* typo fix

* address feedback from jason
* quote $@ in apply-patches in case path has spaces in it

* address feedback from tom

* remove llarp/ev/pipe
* add comments for clairification
* make event loop queue size constant named
2 years ago
Jason Rhinelander 1c0e4dc4e7 Move all patches into contrib/patches 3 years ago
Jason Rhinelander f9144a7bb3 Patch to avoid IP_DONTFRAG bug in latest xcode with broken Big Sur SDK 3 years ago