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Kamay Xutax 742b66c300 fix openwrt mips32 static build
libunbound needs to link against libatomic because of openssl
crypto (says EVP_sha256 missing otherwise in libunbound during build)
4 months ago
DownloadLibCurl.cmake Get processor count properly 3 years ago
DownloadLibSodium.cmake revert download libsodium target name change 3 years ago
FindJemalloc.cmake add forgotten file 3 years ago
FindLibUV.cmake Add FindLibUV and migrate 4 years ago
GenVersion.cmake bump verions of all deps 1 year ago
MacroEnsureOutOfSourceBuild.cmake Prevent in-source-builds with cmake macro 4 years ago
StaticBuild.cmake fix openwrt mips32 static build 4 months ago
TargetArch.cmake add forgotten file 4 years ago
Version.cmake Add -DLOKINET_VERSIONTAG to override version tag 1 year ago
add_import_library.cmake Refactor top level cmake file into multiple components 4 years ago
check_for_std_filesystem.cmake Replace cxxopts with CLI11 5 months ago
check_for_std_optional.cmake Don't use std::optional::value() because f u macos 3 years ago add uninstall target (#1340) 3 years ago
coverage.cmake More work on router docker image 4 years ago
cross_compile.cmake make windows fixes 4 years ago
enable_lto.cmake changeset for windows port 9 months ago
gui-option.cmake Windows prebuilt gui fixes 8 months ago
gui.cmake Windows prebuilt gui fixes 8 months ago
installer.cmake changeset for windows port 9 months ago
libatomic.cmake Remove windows linefeeds 2 years ago
macos.cmake Rename 'package' target on macos to 'dmg' to avoid cpack conflict 5 months ago
ngtcp2_lib.cmake bump ngtcp2 to v0.1.0 tag 1 year ago
solaris.cmake remove all disused platform-specific event loops 4 years ago
static_link.cmake cmake refactor 3 years ago
target_link_libraries_system.cmake Revert "Merge pull request #679 from tewinget/revert-config-refactor" 4 years ago
unix.cmake Remove duplicate handling of jemalloc 2 years ago
win32.cmake Set _WIN32_WINNT in static deps 8 months ago
win32_installer_deps.cmake Windows prebuilt gui fixes 8 months ago