Lokinet is an anonymous, decentralized and IP based overlay network for the internet.
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majestrate a8c0f76e1c
Merge pull request #1971 from majestrate/docs-and-such-2022-08-06
4 weeks ago
NetworkManager/dnsmasq contrib: NetworkManager dnsmasq config (#1335) 2 years ago
apparmor update apparmor profile: 2 years ago
bootstrap Add mainnet/testnet bootstrap files into repo 1 year ago
ci Drone macos fixes 1 month ago
cross dry cross compile 7 months ago
liblokinet updates: 8 months ago
macos Apple icon bullshit 1 month ago
patches Update mingw zmq patch 2 months ago
py remove old dead code 7 months ago
systemd-resolved Add systemd-resolved dynamic DNS updating 1 year ago
android-configure.sh clean up build helper scripts: 2 months ago
android.sh clean up build helper scripts: 2 months ago
apply-patches.sh tun code refactor (#1495) 2 years ago
bencode-dump.py bencode-dump.py: support reading from stdin 1 year ago
cross.sh redo contrib/cross.sh to take cmake arguments 7 months ago
deb.oxen.io.gpg Update deb repo dns name 12 months ago
format.sh which => command -v; different format.sh exit codes 12 months ago
git-hook-pre-push.sh check in pre-push git hook so I don't lose it 1 year ago
hex-to-base32z.py hex-to-base32z.py: add -r flag to do reverse conversion 3 years ago
keygen.py simple keygen script 3 months ago
lokinet-mac.svg Working signed macOS GUI build 2 months ago
lokinet-resolvconf Move resolvconf from deb branches to contrib/ (#1439) 2 years ago
lokinet.svg Remove advertising of big crappy company 1 year ago
mac.sh dmg: version, and set icon 1 month ago
readme-installer.txt Add simple installer readme 2 years ago
tarball.sh remove the dreaded makefile and update docs 2 years ago
windows-configure.sh contrib/windows.sh: do a release build by default 2 months ago
windows.sh contrib/windows.sh: do a release build by default 2 months ago