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Jeff c70f1866f8
include mkdocs.yml in ci artifacts for docs
12 months ago
NetworkManager/dnsmasq contrib: NetworkManager dnsmasq config (#1335) 2 years ago
apparmor update apparmor profile: 2 years ago
bootserv lokinet-bootserv 4 years ago
bootstrap Add mainnet/testnet bootstrap files into repo 1 year ago
ci include mkdocs.yml in ci artifacts for docs 12 months ago
cross fix up ppc64le cross target 1 year ago
dtrace add description to lokinet svc manifest 3 years ago
freebsd/openrc add openrc for freebsd 4 years ago
liblokinet updates: 1 year ago
macos LOKINET_VERSION -> built in lokinet_VERSION 1 year ago
munin differentiate between clients and service nodes 4 years ago
patches libunbound patch no longer needed as fixes have been upstreamed 2 years ago
py add option to invert regex filter results 2 years ago
shadow Partial fixes for shadow 3 years ago
systemd-resolved Add systemd-resolved dynamic DNS updating 2 years ago
testnet more shit 2 years ago drop x86 for android as flutter does not support it 1 year ago paralellize android build much better 1 year ago tun code refactor (#1495) 2 years ago support reading from stdin 2 years ago fix up contrib/ to put everything in build-cross 1 year ago Update deb repo dns name 1 year ago which => command -v; different exit codes 1 year ago check in pre-push git hook so I don't lose it 2 years ago add -r flag to do reverse conversion 3 years ago
lokinet-resolvconf Move resolvconf from deb branches to contrib/ (#1439) 2 years ago
lokinet.svg Remove advertising of big crappy company 1 year ago Update 1 year ago
readme-installer.txt Add simple installer readme 3 years ago remove the dreaded makefile and update docs 3 years ago initial network extension code for macos 1 year ago