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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import configparser
import sys
import os
from xml.etree import ElementTree as etree
def getSetting(s, name, fallback): return name in s and s[name] or fallback
shadowRoot = getSetting(os.environ, "SHADOW_ROOT",
os.path.join(os.environ['HOME'], '.shadow'))
libpath = ''
def nodeconf(conf, baseDir, name, ifname=None, port=None):
conf['netdb'] = {'dir': 'tmp-nodes'}
conf['router'] = {}
conf['router']['contact-file'] = os.path.join(
baseDir, '{}.signed'.format(name))
conf['router']['ident-privkey'] = os.path.join(
baseDir, '{}-ident.key'.format(name))
conf['router']['transport-privkey'] = os.path.join(
baseDir, '{}-transport.key'.format(name))
if ifname and port:
conf['bind'] = {ifname: port}
conf['connect'] = {}
def addPeer(conf, baseDir, peer):
conf['connect'][peer] = os.path.join(baseDir, '{}.signed'.format(peer))
def createNode(pluginName, root, peer, life=600):
node = etree.SubElement(root, 'node')
node.attrib['id'] = peer['name']
node.attrib['interfacebuffer'] = '{}'.format(1024 * 1024 * 100)
app = etree.SubElement(node, 'process')
app.attrib['plugin'] = pluginName
app.attrib['time'] = '{}'.format(life)
app.attrib['arguments'] = peer['configfile']
def makeBase(settings, name, id):
return {
'id': id,
'name': name,
'contact-file': os.path.join(getSetting(settings, 'baseDir', 'tmp'), '{}.signed'.format(name)),
'configfile': os.path.join(getSetting(settings, 'baseDir', 'tmp'), '{}.ini'.format(name)),
'config': configparser.ConfigParser()
def makeClient(settings, name, id):
peer = makeBase(settings, name, id)
basedir = getSetting(settings, 'baseDir', 'tmp')
nodeconf(peer['config'], basedir, name)
peer['config']['network'] = {
'type': 'null',
'tag': 'test',
'prefetch-tag': 'test'
return peer
def makeSVCNode(settings, name, id, port):
peer = makeBase(settings, name, id)
nodeconf(peer['config'], getSetting(
settings, 'baseDir', 'tmp'), name, 'eth0', port)
peer['config']['network'] = {
'type': 'null'
return peer
def genconf(settings, outf):
root = etree.Element('shadow')
root.attrib["environment"] = 'LLARP_SHADOW=1'
topology = etree.SubElement(root, 'topology')
topology.attrib['path'] = getSetting(settings, 'topology', os.path.join(
shadowRoot, 'share', 'topology.graphml.xml'))
pluginName = getSetting(settings, 'name', 'lokinet-shared')
kill = etree.SubElement(root, 'kill')
kill.attrib['time'] = getSetting(settings, 'runFor', '600')
baseDir = getSetting(settings, 'baseDir',
os.path.join('/tmp', 'lokinet-shadow'))
if not os.path.exists(baseDir):
plugin = etree.SubElement(root, "plugin")
plugin.attrib['id'] = pluginName
plugin.attrib['path'] = libpath
basePort = getSetting(settings, 'svc-base-port', 19000)
svcNodeCount = getSetting(settings, 'service-nodes', 80)
peers = list()
for nodeid in range(svcNodeCount):
settings, 'svc-node-{}'.format(nodeid), str(nodeid), basePort + 1))
basePort += 1
# make all service nodes know each other
for peer in peers:
for nodeid in range(svcNodeCount):
if str(nodeid) != peer['id']:
addPeer(peer['config'], baseDir, 'svc-node-{}'.format(nodeid))
# add client nodes
for nodeid in range(getSetting(settings, 'client-nodes', 200)):
peer = makeClient(
settings, 'client-node-{}'.format(nodeid), str(nodeid))
for p in range(getSetting(settings, 'client-connect-to', 10)):
addPeer(peer['config'], baseDir,
'svc-node-{}'.format((p + nodeid) % svcNodeCount))
# generate xml and settings files
for peer in peers:
createNode(pluginName, root, peer)
with open(peer['configfile'], 'w') as f:
# render
if __name__ == '__main__':
settings = {
'baseDir': os.path.join("/tmp", "lokinet-shadow"),
'topology': os.path.join(shadowRoot, 'share', 'topology.graphml.xml'),
'runFor': '{}'.format(60 * 10 * 10)
with open(sys.argv[1], 'w') as f:
genconf(settings, f)